About Us

Expert Energy is a specialist organisation that provides commercial energy saving solutions.

Expert Energy is a specialist organisation that provides turnkey commercial energy savings and automation solutions. We research and source the most appropriate products suited to your particular requirements.

We fill the current void left by traditional technology resellers who don’t have the expertise to offer to their customer’s products and services that deliver the significant productivity improvements and cost savings that energy savings solutions and automated systems can provide.

Many Energy Distributors and Retailers have been reluctant to embrace commercial energy savings solutions due to the inherent reduction in energy bills, this is not the case with Expert Energy.  We are committed to working with commercial clients to work FOR THEM and bring them the benefits of our solutions.

company profile

Expert Energy Pty Ltd is headed by Graeme McGeorge who has over 35 years experience in introducing new technology products and services to consumers and business.
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Graeme McGeorge

Managing Director

Graeme has been involved with leading edge technology all his working life that includes sophisticated audio and lighting systems for large scale public events and advanced multimedia systems for museums and public spaces. Graeme has a strong background in project management with experience in providing specialist infrastructure support, management and planning systems.

Ben Cotter

Operations Manager

For the past 18 years Ben has worked in the construction industry delivering projects for major clients such as Grocon, Lend Lease and Metricon. As a qualified tradesman Ben's experience enables him to see a project from all angles, being able to anticipate problems before they occur ensuring a quality result from start to finish. Ben's experience has ensured Expert Energy commitment to delivering cost effective ‘Efficient Energy’ solutions into commercial premises.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate and implement affordable automated solutions into homes and business that will improve people’s lifestyles, reduce their energy costs and in the process reduce greenhouse gases; a ‘win/win’ for consumers, energy providers and ‘planet earth’.
Expert Energy

Our partners

The basis of Expert Energy’s approach to corporate relationships is to partner with organisations with which we have a strong strategic link. These partners are ‘like-minded’ in their commitment to deliver the benefits that automation can bring to every home and business. They fall into two categories, Product/Equipment Suppliers and Service Providers.
Expert Energy

Products & Equipment Suppliers

Our engineers do a thorough evaluation of the technological features, quality and cost effectiveness of all products we source from suppliers. Typically they have a worldwide reputation for innovation and quality.

Expert Energy

Service Providers

Expert Energy will partner with any Retail Energy service provider (RE) or ISP who recognises the benefits that automation can bring to their customers, be they lifestyle improvements offering greater efficiencies and convenience, or energy savings through the use of a combination of energy saving products and automation.

Expert Energy is working with RE’s who are committed to providing their customers with energy saving products and solutions such as Smart Meters, In-Home Displays (IHD’s) and LED Lighting. We are developing relationships with forward thinking ISP’s who are expanding their service range into home automation products and services covering Lighting Control, Energy Management, Video Surveillance and Security Systems all of which can be managed by a Home Area Network (HAN) connected to the Internet.


Expert Energy is an Accredited Person under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme.
Registration Number A0597